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       SUE SIMONICH  Author, reader & researcher
             Creating  new universes one story at a time. . .

   Nova Denver's quiet academic life is shattered by the death 
   of  her mother, the appearance of a posthumous letter, and 
   surprising personal secrets. Retreating to the family cabin 
   high in the Uintah wilderness, she seeks answers to a forty-
   year old mystery. Hours after her return, disturbing intrusions
   prompt her to begin tracing connections back to England. 
   Never did she expect the truth to be so convoluted, so 
   personal and life changing.​   

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Finalist in the Paranormal Category 
Readers' Favorite Writing Contest 2013!
"Hauntingly evocative, 
exploring the deepest meaning of family." 
-Kirsten Ehrlich Davies,
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