About the author
         Born in Salt Lake City, Sue Simonich grew up exploring Utah.  Her ancestors pioneered the state in 1847. Her writing is inspired by the majestic mountains and red rock country, where there is an ever changing palette of color and culture.  She attended the University of Utah and earned a BA in Art History.  An avid historian and student of horticulture, she is interested in a wide range subjects.  Currently, she is working on several projects, both fiction and non-fiction and  has published  web sites, blogs and books on family history.  She lives in the Great Northwest with her husband.
First row of  photos by author.  Last amazing photo, photographer unknown.
All the photos in this section were taken by the author in Utah.  R-L Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Far right:  Mt. Olympus in Salt Lake Valley.
The above photos were taken by Timothy O'Sullivan in the later part of the 19th century.  See more of his work phenomenal work at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2149899/The-American-West-youve-seen-Amazing-19th-century-pictures-landscape-chartered-time.html

​L-R  The old town is Alta, Utah, which is now a fantastic ski resort. Photo on the right appears to be Tanner's Flat, just below modern day Snowbird, Utah another world class resort.

       SUE SIMONICH  Author, reader & researcher
             Creating  new universes one story at a time. . .

September 11, 2013
by Sue Simonich

They blow into town, stomping boots to the ground.
Flags flutter with pride, as the bikers ride.

Thunderous and rolling, God’s army has arrived
bringing a message from THE PEOPLE far and wide.
With their leg pipes roaring, they’ll call out the elite.
“Return America to the people! Don’t make us repeat!”

We fought to save our land from tyranny
and continue to this day. With only patriotism
in our hearts, we demand to have our say.
Hold accountable the politicians here and abroad
who erode our freedoms, and refuse our God.

Draw attention to the streets with the engine’s roar.
Make it clear; their ignorance of justice and freedom
is tolerated NO MORE. Tell them the trust is gone, replaced with chaos and fear. We’ll have none of it! Do you understand? Do you hear?

The strength of THE CONSTITUTION should give them pause. They either stand with or against us for this Holy cause. Stand for all of us throughout the day, and let the multitude reaffirm America’s patriot ways. 

Safe journeys, thanks and prayers to all!