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       SUE SIMONICH  Author, reader & researcher
             Creating  new universes one story at a time. . .

Staged in the arid landscape of Utah, Painted Skies 
is a colorful adventure plumbing the depths of human spiritual synchronicity. Attuned to the alignment of God's ultimate blueprint, NOVA DENVER discovers her real identity as an adoptee and budding intuitive in the mid-twentieth century. Discouraged by her dogmatic family from using her gift, she is finally freed from the lies and bondage of their guilt ridden society. Validating her past, she resets her future, traveling back in time to discover the transcendence of  love and her true personal history.  

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Finalist in the Paranormal Category 
Readers' Favorite Writing Contest 2013!

Contender in Writer's Digest Self Published 
Book Awards 2014.
"Hauntingly evocative, 
exploring the deepest meaning of family." 
-Kirsten Ehrlich Davies,
"Author shows talent for character development and ambiance; an ambitious novel full of great characters and surprises."
~Judge 22nd annual Writer's Digest Self Published Book Awards
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